Dockside Restaurant


Overall: 3

Ambience: 7

Food: 6.5

Value: 7

Cleanliness: 9

Service: 1

This was the worst experience we’ve had at a restaurant in a long time. Although the location of the restaurant was great and the patio we sat on was beautifully lit, the food was mediocre, and we got very horrible service. We sat down and found our table wobbly. Typically we’d let this go and just stick it out, but our water glasses were spilling every time the table tipped from side-to-side. So we ordered our dishes and asked the waitress to help us steady the table. She acknowledged our request and said she’ll return with something to level the table legs. 20 minutes later, the food arrived. The buser couldn’t control himself but let out a loud “Woah!” when the dishes tipped to a side as he placed them onto our table top. Our waitress was at the table next to ours and asked him to find something to steady our table. The buser left, the waitress left, and nobody was there to fix our table. There was another buser fixing a nearby table later, we asked him to come fix ours. Finally we had a table to ourselves which didn’t require us manually steadying the contents and preventing them from falling off the surface. We finished our entrees and waited for somebody to notice us. The waitress finally came by and we ordered dessert and asked for a refill on my water. Neither water, dessert or our waitress showed up for another 45 minutes. The waitress came back and got my water finally and said she’ll check on our dessert. After sitting for so long, we were quite restless and no longer felt like dessert. So when she said that they must have forgotten to input the order, we politely requested that she cancel our order and provide us with the bill. When she came back with the credit card machine, she looked like she was going to kill and was tearing the receipt from the card machine like she wanted to rip it apart. The buser came by with our dessert, at which point the waitress smirked and said to him in a very upset tone “they don’t want it anymore UNFORTUNATELY”. We can forgive when service is slow because they’re busy, we can forgive when they forget our orders because people make mistakes, but we felt the snide remarks and poor attitude we got from our waitress ruined our entire experience and our desire to revisit the restaurant as returning customers. This was unfortunate, because we’ve had good experiences at this restaurant before.


Roasted Ling Cod and Jumbo Prawn – Asparagus and roasted roma with grilled potato toast garlic, lemon and mustard seed butter

The fish was quite moist and the mustard seed sauce was very tasty. There was however a lot of small bones in the fish which made it difficult to eat.


Grilled Beef Tenderloin – Irish dubliner cappelletti, smoked black cherry, port and natural juices grilled asparagus and charred tomato

The beef was slightly overcooked. The charred tomatoes were quite sweet. The cappelletti is very cheesy, so would be a good dish for those who enjoy cheese.

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