The Flying Pig


Overall: 8

Ambience: 7

Food: 7

Value: 7

Cleanliness: 8

Service: 9

We arrived on a weekday to this busy Yaletown restaurant. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations at dinner. We were lucky to be seated at the last table, otherwise it would have been quite the wait! The staff was very attentive and the atmosphere was quite lively, but I would have preferred it if the table next to ours wasn’t close. I was worried for the table next to us when I tried to get into my seat, I almost sideswiped the entire contents of their tabletop onto the floor. The food was not bad though, so we enjoyed ourselves. A plus is that they served warm bread with a tasty balsamic and olive oil. Btw we parked at Granville Island and took the Aquabus over to Yaletown for dinner. It was nice adding our own little tour de Vancouver before going to dinner :).


Signature Platter for 2 – Seared AAA Striploin-Rosemary Red Wine Jus, Wild Steelhead trout, lemon basil compound butter, winter vegetable saute, aged cheddar and white truffle macaroni, bistro salad

The waitress recommended this special to us and we were immediately decided. The striploin was a little tough, but the fish was quite soft and moist. We loved the mac and cheese, very creamy and stringy.



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