Overall: 8

Ambience: 8

Food: 7.5

Value: 7

Cleanliness: 9

Service: 8

Located in Whistler’s Four Seasons Hotel, the Sidecut restaurant is a steakhouse offering a modern atmosphere and friendly service. There was a close-up magic performance at our table which certainly enhanced our dining experience. The restaurant was a little pricey, but we enjoyed ourselves.


It’s the little details which count. The fact that the bread was served warm is always an indicator of the level of care the kitchen takes in preparing the meal. The fragrant breads fired up our appetites and prepared our palettes for the rest of the meal.


Seaside Scallop with White Bean, Tiroler Bacon, Lentil Vinagrette


Marinated Seafood Salad – Lobster, Shrimp, Crab Leg, Octopus

The octopus was a little chewy and difficult to bite into, but the lobster and crab leg meat was really fresh and succulent. The martini glass was a great vessel to present the salad in.


Kusshi and Effingham Oysters

This was presented quite nicely. The oysters were fresh, but not as great as the ones we could get at Rodney’s Oysters.


The restaurant had a selection of in house rubs to be added to our meats. It’s good that we can add the rubs to our liking to enhance the flavours in our dishes.


Red Deer Chop

The texture of the meat is a little rough. We’re new to deer meat and not sure if that had to do with the cut of meat, how it was prepared, or just the way deer is… The meat is also a bit on the gamey side.


Special of the Day – Snapper stuffed with crab. Saffron flavoured rissoto

The snapper was done okay. There wasn’t a huge surprise here. The crab inside was quite tasty however, and the saffron rissoto set a great stage for the fish adding creaminess and fragrance to the entire dish.


Steakhouse Sushi Roll – Grilled Rare, Avocado, Dried Tomato, Sweet Soy

The sushi roll was smaller in size than expected.


Celeriac and Potato Gratin

We loved this dish. The potatoes were really creamy and the flaky texture made us eat the entire dish even though we were already quite stuffed at this point.


Ice Cream Cones – Blackberry Rocky Road, Chocolate, Marshmallow and Hazelnut

The blackberry made the ice-cream slightly on the sour side. This actually took away from the chocolate flavouring of the ice-cream. Even though I’m a typical fan of fruit flavours, I wish they had not included blackberry flavouring in this dessert. The kitchen had added a little chocolate cupcake and writing on the dessert plate because it was my birthday. That was very sweet of them 🙂


S’Mores Brownie Sundae – Coca Marshmallow, Graham Cracker Ice Cream and Hot Fudge

The dessert was really rich, so it’s great for the chocolate lovers but not for the faint of heart. The graham cookie at the bottom of the dessert added crunchiness to the dessert and the different textures in the ingredients added depth to the taste of this dish. hmmm…I wonder if they reused my glass from my seafood salad 😉

Sidecut-Modern Steak on Urbanspoon


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